Friday, 19 December 2014

Hippie Goth

You can see closer up images by clicking on the image, but unfortunately a lot of these were taken after the untimely death of my camera and are poorer quality as they were taken with a phone.

Top: Secondhand
Clockwinder necklace: Redheart13 on Etsy
Clock necklace: Present

Star moon necklace, blue necklace secondhand
Belt is a necklace attached to another chain
Dress secondhand

OK, technically the rest of these are more Hippie than Hippie Goth but I thought I would just chuck them all in one post and save some time! :P

Dress:, shortened by me as I am too short and it dragged on the ground
Necklace: Smoky Quartz pendant from Gnostic Rocks (local shop). It has grounding properties and helps remove electromagnetic smog.

Dress:, also shortened by me as it was also too long for my shortness.
Same necklace as previous

Hair: La Riche Directions Alpine Green
Necklace: Tree of Life Chakra necklace from Luna Celeste

Hugs and faerydust,

Laura Morrigan.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

New Green Faery Hair!

Congratulations to those who guessed it!

It looks quite a bit brighter in real life, more like this:

Edit: I forgot to say it is La Riche Directions in Alpine Green.

Australia Right Now

Well you may have heard by now that a lot is going on in Australia. I don' t usually make public comments on things that are politically charged but in this case i thought I'd make an exception. In case you haven' t heard the facts, it turns out that the gunman was a lone crazy individual who was on bail for suspicions relating to the death of his wife. It was a failure of the justice system, the mental health system, of gun control. He was not a member of a terrorist organisation.

Since this event Muslim leaders have stepped forward to condemn this man's actions and show support for those  injured or the families of the dead. Aussies of different races have used the #illridewithyou hashtag to show support for Australian Muslims fearing reprisal and offer to ride on public transport with them. It is amazing to see such an outpouring of love after such a terrible event.

I was lucky enough not to have friends or family involved and my heart goes out to those who did.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Week in Review 8th- 14th December

What I did

Pancakes on the Rocks and Gelato with Fiona and Dane.
Broke my camera :0
Bleached my hair for a new dye job. Anyone want to guess colours?
Made Aunty Betty's gingerbread recipe

The Vampire Diaries Season 6
Adventure Time season 1
Winter's Tale- one of those amazing things you wish you could write. Loved the bit with the jewels and the light!
Death at Pemberly Part 3
Battlestar Galactica s01e01 (I know pretty much nothing about this, so no spoilers, please!)
Dirty Dancing- One of my favourite movies


My Year Without Matches by Claire Dunn
Jade Sky's Psychic Secrets

Listened To

Nick Cave
Blue Oyster Cult
Sopor Aeternus
Tom Waits
Dead Can Dance

Friday, 12 December 2014

The Separated Lovers

As someone who has experienced the Shakespearean pain of being apart from the one that I love, I can identify with the suffering of this couple. When my Facebook friend shared this, I couldn't help but identify with their plight, which is even more difficult for the problem of living in completely different countries! I am sharing this in the hope that others can help them out. If you have a few dollars to spare, make a donation to this and help them find their happily ever after!


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Pancakes on the Rocks

On Monday 8th December I went to Pancakes on the Rocks with the lovely Dane and Fiona and some of their other friends.

Dane, me, Fiona.

Getting excited over a two page pancake menu at Pancakes on the Rocks! You can sort of see my whole tattoo here!

Buttermilk pancake and chocolate pancake with chocolate and vanilla icecream!

Then we went for Gelato at Messina

Rhubarb and pear gelato


Cut out vine ceiling lights

 Waterfall outside a building. The city sure is a strange place!