Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Goddess Dress

Full view of outfit from earlier post

Eyeshadow: Medusa's Makeup
Eyeliner: The Body Shop skinny thin felt eyeliner
Glitter liner under eye (doesn't really show in pictures) Revlon Photoready Eye Art 120 Midnight Glitz
Dress: Tree of Life
Earrings: secondhand

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Faery Gifts from Diana Heyne

Diana sent me a beautiful Faery set similar to this one. So far I haven't got any decent photos as I don't have a camera anymore. 

Thank you so much, Diana!

Find her stores here:


Friday, 13 January 2017

New hair and makeup

I got a new haircut on the 12th. 

Eyeshadow: Medusa's Makeup
Eyeliner: The Body Shop skinny thin felt eyeliner
Glitter liner under eye (doesn't really show in pictures) Revlon Photoready Eye Art 120 Midnight Glitz
Dress: Tree of Life
Earrings: secondhand

You'll see more of the outfit soon.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Writing Prompt: Miss Havisham

Miss Havisham's fiancé abandons her. After crying and binging on wedding cake she decides to get over it and live her own life.

What happens next?

If you'd like to share your ideas in a short story, poem, essay etc, I'll do a post with all the links in a few weeks!

Monday, 2 January 2017

Hugging Chair

"Hugging sofa that'll make sure you'll never be alone again"

A very short story inspired by the hugging chair on Bored Panda.


I wake up feeling strangely smothered. I had fallen asleep in my chair. As I try to get up its furry arms tighten around me. "Nooooo", it growls, like the Godfather talking through a mouth of cotton wool, "I love you! I am all you need!"

It is two days later. I lie in the chair, which is now befouled with my own refuse. I haven't eaten or drunk anything in days. The chair will not let me go. I think I will die here.


My vision is going black. The chair is crooning a lullaby in my ear.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Month in Review: December

What I did
Saw Emily and had scones and Buffy

A Few Right Thinking Men by Sulari Gentill
A Decline in Prophets by Sulari Gentill
Miles off Course by Sulari Gentill

I'm watching a lot of crime recently not sure why, maybe it reflects the state of the world right now
Buffy w Emily
Doctor Who
Wallander (British version)
Tom Felton and the Superfans
Beyond the walls (French)
Stranger Things
Rewatching Hemlock Grove
Started Crazyhead

Listening to
Mix of
David Bowie
The Smiths
Nick Cave
The Tea Party
Tom Waits

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

If I were

If I were
a month, i would be: Somewhere from March to May, I love Autumn with its cooler weather and coloured leaves
a day of the week, i would be: Any day my friends are free
a time of day, i would be: Dinnertime
a planet, i would be: An undiscovered one which hasn't been messed up
a sea animal, i would be: Selkie or mermaid
a direction, i would be: North because it's the one that compasses point to and you can navigate by
a piece of furniture, i would be: A comfy day bed
a sin, i would be: Pride because I could do with more self esteem, it's always the people who have Pride who don't need it and the ones who don't who could do with a bit more
a liquid, i would be: Water. It gives life and it's used to make basically everything else anyway
a stone, i would be: Lapis, garnet or amethyst
a tree, i would be: Hawthorn, my Celtic horoscope Tree and a Faery tree
a bird, i would be: Phoenix as they are magical and reborn when their life is over
a tool, i would be: Swiss Army knife. A bit of a cheat, I know!
a flower/plant, i would be: violet, briar rose or wisteria. Maybe night flowering jasmine. Or honeysuckle!
a kind of weather, i would be: Cool dry weather
a mythical creature, i would be: Well I AM part fae...
a musical instrument, i would be: flugelhorn, I like the word! Plus the reference in Black Books.
an animal, i would be: Falcon or eagle. I'd like to be able to fly but not be eaten by larger things.
a colour, i would be: Purple at the moment. My favourites change.
a vegetable, i would be: Zuchini maybe? It's very versatile.
a sound, i would be: << Tardis sound >>
an element, i would be: Air. It's my element and I am a dreamer.
a car, i would be: Mustang GT 500 (my childhood favourite) or Impala. I've always liked muscle cars.
a song, i would be: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. Or maybe The Future
a movie, i would be directed by: J.J. abrahams has done some good stuff so maybe him. Or Lana and Lilly Wacowski. I really enjoy Guillermo del Toro but I don't want to be in a horror story...
a book, i would be written by: Sarah Addison Allen, her characters probably are less likely to die than most of the other books I read.
a food, i would be: A delicious vegan Black Forest cake
a place, i would be: The Lake Country maybe, or Japan. I haven't seen either yet.
a material, i would be: Rayon, comfortable and breathable
a taste, i would be: That perfect vegan chocolate mud cake at Gnostic Mana
a scent, i would be: Jasmine probably
a religion, i would be: Buddhism or some other non violent religion
a word, i would be: too many words to choose from! Pandorica, Shadowhunter, jabberwocky...
an object, i would be: a cool knickknack, carved wooden animal, coloured glass lantern, witchy altar...
a body part, i would be: Brain, maybe
a facial expression, i would be: Eyebrow raised sarcastic smile because I can't do that in real life
a subject in school, i would be: Art was my favourite...
a cartoon character, i would be: Raven Queen from Ever After High, maybe. Ruby Gloom. Coraline. Creepier Creature from Growing up Creepie.
a shape, i would be: A circle, they're strong and have no end.
a number, i would be: 8 has always seemed like a good number to me. Also 3, 7 and 13.

Was I meant to choose only one thing for all of these? Sorry!