Thursday, 28 May 2015

What's Important in Life

I post a lot about fashion. Fashion is important to me. Doing makeup or putting on a nice outfit can really make you have higher self esteem when you are having a bad day, and it can help you express your character visually. But that isn't all that matters to me.

Here are a few other things I care about. 
The Environment 
Obviously if not for the environment sustaining us, we would not be alive. Unfortunately, environmental concerns often fall by the wayside of industry. Lets hope that more businesses and governments become involved before it's too late. Many European countries are already supporting Renewable Energy, but the Australian government is listening to Climate Change deniers. 

Friends and Family
Spending time with friends and family is super important to me. I don't always post pictures, or put the pictures up on their blog, so they can retain their privacy if they wish, but it is one of the things that makes me very happy. I don't see most of my friends as often as I like, I often wish for a great big country house where we could all live together.

I love being surrounded by animals. They offer a special kind of companionship that is different to the relationship we have with other humans, and they are so smart. I am dying for my own dogs and cats, and I miss the ones who have passed on. I have little figurines symbolising them on my altar.

Art/ Photography
I occasionally draw things, although my main skill is writing. I am infinitely inspired by others' art and the worlds they create.

Books and Writing
Writing is my lifelong love and my intended future career. Reading has always been one of my favourite pastimes and I love escaping to other worlds through books.

 I do not go to enough picnics, I love them! Being outside among the trees and flowers (and sometimes old gravestones) when the weather is right is just perfect!

Gardens, flowers and forests
 I love plants. I hope to have a garden and maybe even a mini "forest" one day!

Cupcakes, fancy cakes and other sweet treats
Ok, maybe they're not that important, but yum!


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Weeks In Review Friday 17th April- Sunday 17th May

Friday 17th- 19th April

What I did
Hatters Cafe
Emily's birthday party

Monday 20th- Sunday 26th April

What I did

Monday 27th April- Sunday 3rd May

What I did
Played Gother Than Thou cardgame
Saw Kat
Had Turkish tea and sweet pide

Monday 4th- Sunday 10th May

What I did
Saw Emily and Kat

Monday 11th- Sunday 17th May

What I did
Goffee (Goth meet for coffee)
Found a moss agate crystal skull and a piece of gypsum (looks like a rosebud... or a brain)
Went for a walk and saw lorikeets eating blossoms in a tree

The Vow
The Best of Me
The Originals
Rewatched Midnight in Paris
The Riot Club
Penny Dreadful s2

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Vintage Goth 02

Dress from eBay, 
Giant ankh from Killstar
Sunglasses from garage sale
Shoes from Clothing Swap

Tea with waffle and Nutella at Hatters Teahouse.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Happy World Goth Day

World Goth Day (May 22nd) is a day to celebrate Gothic culture and promote visibility and acceptance of Goths among the general populace.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

30 Day Goth Challenge Days 10-12

Day 10 – What do you hate and love about the subculture? 

I love some of the amazing people who are creative and friendly. I love starting to talk to someone and being able to say, "me too!" about weird things you thought only you did and liked. I really like how Goths generally have a healthy attitude to death, can laugh at dark humour about it and take the fear out of it. I love the idea of the memento mori reminding us to live life to the fullest while we can. I also love how good I look in black :P

I hate that there are still some people around who feel they have to be "Gother Than Thou", most Goths know how to not take themselves too seriously, but there are always those who want to make you feel inferior because you don't have the money for the fancy clothes, or you don't fit their stereotype of what a Goth should be. Generally most harassment I have seen seems to take place online, which is pretty common in any groups I have been in on facebook, who knows if some of these are even Goths or just on there to cause trouble and make others miserable.

Day 11 – Is Goth a lifestyle for you? 

It is definitely a part of my life, but I also don't think every aspect of my life has to be chosen because it's Goth, I also think I don't always need to dress Goth to be Goth. If Goth is a rebellion we must always remember not to just conform to a Gother Than Thou ideal, lose ourselves and become a joke. We have to be able to laugh at ourselves, and do dress as we like and do as we like. When I was younger I always worried about being accepted in the Goth community, as I got older I realised that people will either accept you for who you are, or they won't, and it is their problem if they don't like you!

Day 12 – What’s your gothic inspiration?

I was originally hooked by Gothic literature. I liked Poe in my pre-teens and I also love Ray Bradbury, who wrote Gothic stories as well as science fiction. I discovered Anne Rice when I was about 14 or 15. I also had a male friend who was extremely intelligent and had Goth leanings, so that did influence me. I was lucky enough to study the early Gothic genre in high school, at which time I was already interested in Goth culture. I branched out to learn about the culture, music, clothing etc from that point. I have only become decent at doing makeup this year, as I seem to have no hand eye coordination. 

I also remember seeing Goth teens hanging around the town when I was younger. My local town had a bit of a Goth group going on and I remember loving their dramatic black clothing. I remember one beautiful boy in a cape and army boots, and girls in long black robes. I did not know what Goth was then but I knew I admired them, even if people like me mum were disapproving.

Because I am from the net generation I also do find a lot of inspiration online, both learning about interesting bands and saving folders full of fashion inspiration. 

My inspiration was originally more Romantigoth, although the clothes I owned were mostly just black clothes and lace I found in op shops. My current style could probably be described as creepy cute with a bit of Vintage thrown in.